Simple but not so easy

Get Ready

A beautiful platform game with a mega cool, gorgeous and fun magic background. Bunny Jumpy Run challenge you in a magic light forest. Try survive as it is not so simple.

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Avoid this kind of black gears and spikes of any size

Gears and Spikes

Be very careful with this gears and spikes. Do not jump on them.
The dark shadow forest is a challenge to survive for a rabbit. Be fast, land on platforms. Run and jump to be the best.


Collect Stars and Diamonds

Stars and Diamonds

Star =10 points
Diamond= 20 points
Goal is to get all over 300 points/level
Finish level under 120 seconds and get time bonus.


• Single player with truly unique levels
• Universal app optimised for iPhone, iPods and iPads
• Time function with bonuses and Best Time
• Score and Best Score system with Stars
• Unlimited lives
• Beautiful pause and complete menus
• Vibration
• Camera shake
• Camera zoom out
• Mute Sound
• More levels and fantastic content in future updates

Your survival starts now – enjoy The Bunny Jumpy Run!

A best visually entertaining jumping and running game for you.